Team Building Events

If you are searching for an ideal way to improve team morale, boost group communication, celebrate your colleagues and bolster corporate results, what better way than a day at SCAFA Lahore learning new skills and having fun at the same time!

SCAFA offers unique events to our corporate customer where they laugh and learn that preparing a meal is the perfect metaphor for teamwork; and the meal itself becomes the symbol of the team’s successful integration of ideas and talents! Throughout these sessions participants will discover that the only way to achieve their objectives is to work as a cohesive team, utilizing effective communication, planning and leadership.

SCAFA will host your corporate event at our purpose built cooking school and restaurant that is able to comfortably host you and is equipped with the necessary infrastructure to conduct these events in a modern and friendly atmosphere.

Cooking Party

SCAFA Cooking Parties are just what you need to reward your staff and make them feel special. Intimate and meaningful, this event will foster closer bonds between teammates and is a feel-good programme for all staff. At the end, everyone sits down to the sumptuous meal they’ve prepared themselves.

Kitchen Challenge

A favourite with most corporates, your team might be broken up into smaller groups to prepare a 3-course gourmet meal. Along the way, expect the kitchen to throw up a few challenges! Will your team pass the Kitchen Challenge? Celebrate victory by sitting down together for a glorious meal that embodies your hard work and team spirit!

Think like a Chef

The ‘Think like a Chef’ session involves menu planning, budgeting, time management, purchasing, food preparation and plating a three course meal in approximately six. Each person is allocated a position in the kitchen such as head chef, Sous chef, etc. This type of culinary challenge enables participants to see their work colleagues in a new situation and encourages creativity and teamwork. There is also a strong team feel and reliance on the group as a whole.


Looking for a unique way to celebrate a birthday? Anniversary? Graduation? Proposal?

Look no further than SCAFA, Lahore’s School of Culinary and Finishing Arts.

Let us plan a special cooking class tailored for you, where you and your guest(s) participate in preparing the meal under the supervision of our fabulous and flamboyant chef instructors. At SCAFA Lahore, we strive to meet and exceed your expectations and we do this by customising your event with your menu and other touches.

If you have any queries please call for an appointment on 04 379 4044 and visit the school as well.