Maham Qureshi

Professional Kitchen Student
My name is Maham Qureshi and this is my fifth month studying at SCAFA. I am nineteen years old and an aspiring chef who plans on opening her own restaurant. Studying at SCAFA has been nothing less than a dream for me. My love affair with food started a long time back, although embarrassingly with a packet of Maggie Noodles and a box of cake mix.

However over time I have learnt that there is nothing more important in life than innovation and SCAFA has provided me with the perfect environment to do so. During the duration of the last five month SCAFA has become home and everyone here my family.

I am already fretting by the thought of having to leave in a month. SCAFA isn’t just a school that hands you recipes, it allows creation, imagination and innovation. They have supported the craziest of my ideas and brought in me the confidence that sky is actually the limit. Pro-Kitchen and Pro-Pastry are such brilliantly designed and comprehensive programs that today I can proudly say that now I am ready to finally step into the culinary world and leave my mark.

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