SCAFA & BHMS BA Pathway Programme

Course Description

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In 2019 SCAFA made an agreement with the Business & Hotel Management School, BHMS Culinary Academy, Lucerne, Switzerland.

This agreement is a tremendous opportunity for SCAFA graduates to obtain the dual UK and Swiss BA degree as a continuation of their culinary qualifications

This is the result of BHMS recognizing SCAFA alumni and their SCAFA qualifications for advanced placement into the dual Bachelor in Culinary Arts awarded by BHMS, Switzerland and Robert Gordon University of UK jointly.

This is the ONLY International BA Culinary Opportunity in the country.

Students who are looking to advance their career in culinary globally can choose this option.

It is comprised of a three-year Degree program in two parts:

  • Studying the Combination Program for 5 months at SCAFA Lahore and 1 Month at SCAFA Dubai
  • Completing mandatory work placement with one of our hotel partners in the UAE (organised by SCAFA)
  • learning at BHMS for the final year for 6 months with a required 6-9 months internship in Switzerland (organised by BHMS)

The third and final year, leading to a BA in Culinary Arts (taken at BHMS), builds on students’ existing culinary competencies and experience, to deepen and build practical, leadership, and business skills.

Highlights of the last year at BHMS include:

–inter-disciplinary management of foodservice operations, including customer service, resource planning, and management

–New product development

–Molecular cuisine, technology applications

–Managing teams in the kitchen labs

The training is followed by remunerated internship of 6 months assured by BHMS.

To see the full program on our partner BHMS’s site please CLICK HERE

Details and Payment Plan

In order to apply for this program, you must make an inquiry with SCAFA Lahore directly and ask for an initial BHMS interview with the Swiss admin team to confirm you are eligible to join this intensive and prestigious program.

We have designed a PPT presentation on the BHMS BA Pathway which you can view when you click here: CLICK HERE

This BA program is designed only for students who are eligible to travel to UAE and Switzerland. Minimum age is 17 to be able to join this option.

Combination 6-month preliminary SCAFA course and fee is explained here: CLICK HERE