Fundamentals of Cuisine (FOC)

Class Information

The series of 10 classes provide a solid grounding in basic cuisine techniques and is designed for beginners.

Classes include:

Knife  Skills Basics Eggs & Doughs Poultry Red Meats Fish & Shellfish
Veg Stock Poached Eggs Stuffed Chicken Leg Tenderloin Papilotte
Potato Leek Soup English Muffin Breaded Chicken Bearnaise Fish and Chips
Mayonnaise Hollandaise Chicken Ballotine Creamed Spinach Pil Pil Prawn
Caesar Salad Focaccia Honey Mutard Dip Beef Burger Tartare Sauce
Baking Italy Japan Mexico Thailand
Molten Lava Risotto Sushi Rolls Tortillas Yellow Curry Paste
Pizza Ravioli with Stuffed Chicken Tempura Tinga Poblana Basil Chicken Wraps
Quiche Tomato Sauce Lychee Panna Cotta Crema Catalana Eggplant Yellow Curry

Schedule and Class Rates

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