4April 2022

4 April 2022 – Pro Kitchen Programme (AM Session)

10:00 - 14:00 - SCAFA Lahore

6 Slots Left for the morning Pro Kitchen Course – Ramadan Promo Available

SCAFA’s Professional Kitchen program is the only curriculum in Pakistan dedicated to teaching all-around areas in culinary skills, pastry, and international cuisine to students aspiring to attain professional chef standards.

The Professional Kitchen program not only offers the benefits of exposure in the hot, cold and pastry section but also allows for international acknowledgement of that time and experience you gained here under the guidance of our knowledgeable chef Instructors.

This program focuses on teaching all the fundamental techniques for cooking and food handling and prepares students to become entry-level professional chefs in any restaurant kitchen globally.

Students will spend approximately 70% of their time learning classical French culinary techniques with the remainder of the program devoted to the application of these acquired skills to world cuisines.

The initial 7 weeks cover kitchen introduction & cuisine elements, the proceeding 3 weeks cover baking, pastry & desserts and finally, the remainder of the program is covering popular dishes from around the globe.

The program runs for 3 months and classes are held 5 days a week. All subjects are developed and taught in a practical environment (90% hands-on) where students will be able to learn, understand, create and develop their skills in cooking. Our aim for each student is to develop or grow in at least one or all of these 4 key areas:

  1. gain extensive knowledge of the kitchen
  2. improve in speed and time management in preparing dishes
  3. improve in organization and cleanliness of their work station and area
  4. become a team player and gain leadership skills in managing section of kitchen (this is covered on team leader days)