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Our Pride, Our Alumni

At SCAFA Pakistan, our success is measured by the accomplishments and passions of our alumni. They have been seasoned with knowledge, skills, and experiences that allow them to shape the culinary landscape, both locally and internationally. As we reminisce about the days spent within our walls, we also celebrate the journeys that each of our graduates embarks upon.

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Being a SCAFA alumnus offers an array of benefits:

Alumni Benefits

Networking Events
Annual alumni dinners and events, allowing you to connect with fellow culinary professionals.
Workshops & Masterclasses
Periodic skill enhancement sessions conducted by international chefs.
Job Opportunities
Exclusive access to job postings in renowned establishments.
SCAFA Merchandise
Special discounts on branded SCAFA merchandise.


Every chef has a story.

From the aroma of their grandmother’s kitchen to their very first dish, there's always a tale to tell. Our 'Alumni Spotlight' segment celebrates these stories.