Pro Pastry Program (3 Months - 400 Training Hours)

Course Description

Our Pastry Program is the ultimate pastry and baking qualification in Pakistan, which can be obtained in 3 months. Learn professional techniques from basics upwards to build your skills as a talented pastry chef.

SCAFA’s Professional Pastry program is the best curriculum in Pakistan dedicated to teaching pastry to students aspiring to attain professional pastry standards. Classes run 5 days a week from Monday to Friday for 13 weeks; timings vary for morning batch and afternoon batch.

The first 11 weeks are about building pastry skills and practicing these skills alongside or combining other techniques.

The last 2 weeks are focused more on catering & production where students will be running the school cafe known as SCAFE.

PLEASE NOTE: During COVID we are not running the restaurant so will plan an event in place of the catering/production week for the students for the time being.

The focus of this experience is to give the Pro Pastry students the chance to develop concepts and be creative in a “real-time” environment. The final stage of the program is a graduation catering event followed by an intensive 3-day practical assessment procedure.

The upcoming sessions are:

• 5th January 2022 – (9:30 AM – 1:30 PM) – 2 Spaces Left – Late Entry allowed up to 2 Weeks
• 7 March 2022 (2:00 PM – 6:00 PM) – 6 Spaces Left

This 400+ hour program focuses entirely on pastry and related areas such as the science behind pastry,
pastry and baking basics, measurements, cake decorating, chocolate, sugar work, hot and cold desserts, bread, and much more. We believe that students who join our program would be gaining one or all these 4 critical areas:
• Building extensive knowledge about the pastry kitchen and the techniques of a pastry chef
• Build speed in being able to manage multiple tasks at one time and being able to produce results
• Build organization skills in managing workspace and cleanliness of workspace
• Being a good team player for joint tasks in the pastry program (catering activity) as well as a good leader during the restaurant week of the program which is during week 12 of the program

Fees, Outline and Application Form

  • For more information on the details and course description and fee explanation of the Pro Pastry Program (full time and part-time options): CLICK HERE
  • For the Outline of the Professional Pastry Program: CLICK HERE
  • For the Fee Structure of the full-time Pastry Program and other courses: CLICK HERE
  • For the Application Form: CLICK HERE
  • Student Guidelines: CLICK HERE

If you want to not get an international diploma, you can opt for the part-time option which is discussed in the course description and can be seen in the part-time pastry program OUTLINE