Amateur program

The Fundamental Series

Time : 11 AM to 2 PM
Food enthusiast
Skills based classes


Designed with the serious food enthusiast in mind, this series of skills-based classes provides a solid grounding in basic cuisine techniques and is designed for beginners who want to tackle the core cooking areas to manage a home kitchen.

Enjoy exciting, interactive and action-packed classes with like-minded food enthusiasts. Decipher recipes and get to explore classical to contemporary culinary preparations, with an understanding to create outstanding dishes. Gain in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of Classical Culinary Arts and craft classical and contemporary creations by adding your own twist the right way. In each class, we will start with the basic introduction to kitchen operations, and food safety, progress to learn how to accurately read recipes, plan, prepare, cook, and plate a wide range of appetizers, main courses, and side dishes. Schedule and timings mentioned below (*unless there are any internal changes which will be shared by message) :

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