Menu development & Consultancy

Building a positive reputation and earning the customers’ trust in the restaurant business requires a deep understanding of restaurant operations, customer expectations, and much other industry’s related factors. SCAFA’s highly talented chefs and food development experts help our customers create the ideal, on-trend menu that is specially designed to fit the brand story and kitchen niche, offering a comprehensive overview and thorough analysis of all aspects of the business. Creating the perfect menu is a mix of art and science. SCAFA looks to craft a well-balanced menu for our clients’ restaurants, depending on the individual brand’s story, guest demographics, local ingredients, and specialties. Leveraging our knowledge of emerging consumer and food trends, we help customers create the best menu for their business to drive sales and satisfy guests with on-trend dishes that leave an impression. Our step-by-step process prepares customers to make decisions that will ultimately lead to a more cohesive team, larger ticket averages, more regular customers, and improved customer frequency between visits. Over the past 7 years, the SCAFA team has developed menus for over 50 concepts across the UAE, Kuwait, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Iran.