Food Trends this Ramadan 2024

As Ramadan 2024 rolls around, we’re seeing some fresh and exciting food trends taking over the iftar tables. From fusion cuisine blending traditional flavors with modern twists to health-conscious options like keto-friendly iftar meals and vegan suhoor recipes, there’s something for everyone. Social media is buzzing with colorful smoothie bowls and artisanal date confections, proving that nutrition can also be delicious. Street food vendors are getting in on the action too, offering gourmet versions of classic quick bites. And let’s not forget about the sustainability movement; eco-friendly packaging and zero-waste cooking methods are becoming just as important as the food itself. It’s all about embracing the spirit of Ramadan while keeping things innovative and mindful.

In Ramadan 2024, we wanted to highlight one particular food trend which is plant-based ingredients (like lentils, chickpeas, and a variety of nuts and seeds). These ingredients are being used creatively in dishes to offer fulfilling and nutritious suhoor and iftar meals. Quinoa, tofu, and tempeh are also popular for their versatility and protein content.

Please see our recipe for a delicious chickpea salad which is quick and easy to make ahead of time.

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