How HOSCO Can Benefit Culinary Students?

How HOSCO Can Benefit Culinary Students?

If you are studying in a cooking school and want to gain more industry knowledge and expand your network in the hospitality industry, one of the best ways to achieve these goals is to sign up with HOSCO, the world’s leading hospitality network. SCAFA & HOSCO entered a partnership in late 2023. SCAFA students can use the link to register onto the platform:

HOSCO is a platform that connects hospitality professionals, employers, educators, and students. It offers a range of benefits for cooking schools and institutes, such as:

– **Access to thousands of jobs and internships worldwide.** HOSCO has over 6,000 partner companies, including top hotels, restaurants, catering services, and cruise lines. SCAFA will assist students and graduates find their dream jobs or internships through HOSCO’s job board, which features more than 45,000 opportunities in over 100 countries.

– **Access to online learning resources and certifications.** HOSCO offers a variety of online courses, workshops, and certifications for hospitality professionals and students. You can enhance your school’s curriculum by incorporating HOSCO’s online learning content, which covers topics such as culinary techniques, food safety, nutrition, service, management, and more. You can also encourage your students and staff to enroll in HOSCO’s online courses and earn certificates from other recognized organizations, such as the World Association of Chefs’ Societies (WACS) and the American Culinary Federation (ACF).

– **Networking and collaboration opportunities with industry experts.** HOSCO is a community of hospitality enthusiasts, who share their knowledge, experience, and passion. You can also learn from industry experts, who regularly share their insights, tips, and trends on HOSCO’s blog, podcast, and social media channels.

As you can see, HOSCO is more than just a platform. It is a partner that can help you grow your cooking skills and network, and provide the best education and career opportunities for SCAFA students. Sign up today to start building your HOSCO network!

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